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Brearley & Co announce regional growth with the launch of two new offices

We are excited to announce that Brearley & Co has widened its presence across the county by opening two new offices.

We have acquired two offices, previously owned by F L Accounting. Founder of F L Accounting, Mark Jenkinson, previously operated as Sochall Smith Accountants, Sheffield for over 25 years, before demerging from this entity three years ago.

“We searched for over three years to find an accountancy practice that could take on our clients and team and Brearley & Co were my ideal choice. They have the structure, skill set and culture.

“We look forward to working with them and assisting their expansion.” Added Mark Jenkinson, Founder of F L Accounting Limited. 

Brearley & Co accountants will retain all existing staff at F L, whilst growing the current services offered to their client base.

The expansion will take our office count to five, with offices in Mexborough, Dinnington, Barnsley, Doncaster and Chapeltown. Since 1984, Brearley & Co’s presence has rapidly strengthened as we relocate across Yorkshire accordingly.

The move is set to bring a wealth of opportunities for clients and employees, including the potential for recruitment as the firm grows.

Mark Smallman, Managing Director said, “We are excited to announce the move into two new catchment areas of Doncaster and Chapeltown. We welcome FL Accounting’s team into our growing organisation and look forward to working with their clients.”

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