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Be aware! companies house scam email

We have had reports of an email scam (below) claiming to be from Companies House. Some people have reported receiving phishing emails in the form of an email reminder to submit accounts. The examples reported to Companies House have an incorrect due date on them. This is your first indication this might not be legitimate

The phishing emails also say “Please find information in the following link regarding your Company’s annual accounts.” Do not click this link, as it transfers you to “118enquiries.com” and downloads a zip-file onto your device.

If you’ve received one of these emails forward it to phishing@companieshouse.gov.uk and then delete it. Don’t try to view any attachments contained in the email.

Further information on phishing emails and how to report fraud to Companies House can be found here

Your company’s accounts are due by 31/05/2017.
You must deliver them to Companies House in an acceptable format no later than 31/05/2015.

Please find information in the following link regarding your Company’s annual accounts

Parliament imposes strict deadlines for the delivery of statutory documents and we would like to help you deliver yours on time.

Note: Delivering the accounts after the deadline will result in the company incurring a financial late filing penalty. The officer(s) could also be prosecuted or the company removed from the Register.
If you are one of the several people to receive this email, please ensure that only one of you files the accounts.

If you have already delivered your accounts, please check they have been accepted by using the Companies House WebCHeck Service.

Note: reference to the company may also include Limited Liability Partnership(s).

Companies House
eReminder Service

Unsubscribe from the eReminder Service
This is an automated email. Do not reply to this email as we will not be able to receive your message.

To contact us, email enquiries@companieshouse.gov.uk

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