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HMRC launches one-stop-shop for tax support

HMRC has launched a one-stop-shop that has compiled together multiple areas of financial support available to taxpayers that could help them with living costs

The HMRC gov.co.uk page, labelled under, Check what financial help you can get from HMRC, was launched on 5 April and updated on 14 April to include areas where taxpayers can claim back money and explains how people can claim.

The tax authority has called on taxpayers to look into the range of financial support available to make sure they are not missing out on any savings or tax breaks over the coming months.

There are additional online tools and guidance to help taxpayers check if they are eligible for the service, as well as extra support to guide them through the application process.

The new rates of child benefit for the 2022-23 tax year are £21.80 for an eldest or only child, and £14.45 for additional children.

This is an increase of 65p and 45p respectively per week and means that the new four-weekly payments will be £87.20 for an eldest or only child and £56.00 for any additional children.

It also highlights tax-free childcare which allows an individual to claim £500 every three months, up to £2,000 a year, for each child to help with the cost of childcare. A parent with a disabled child can claim up to £1,000 every three months or up to £4,000 annually.

Tax-free childcare is classed as a state benefit and is available to many parents and can be used to cover care after-school and during school holidays as well as regular childminders, nurseries, and nannies.

HMRC also highlights the marriage allowance, as this tax continues to go unclaimed by many who are entitled to it and allows the taxpayer to transfer 10%, or £1,260, of your personal tax allowance to a husband, wife or civil partner if you earn less than the personal tax allowance, which is usually £12,570.

Tax relief on employment expenses is also included with it being described as ‘the first port of call for taxpayers’ as it explains how to claim money that has been spent on things such as work uniforms, clothing, tools, subscription and business travel.

The page also includes guidance for those on a low income wanting to make the most of their savings and help for those struggling to pay their tax bill and for Help to Save which is available to those claiming Universal Credit or Working Tax Credits.

Myrtle Lloyd, director general customer services group, HMRC said: ‘We understand these are very difficult times for many so it is vitally important we continue to highlight the range of support available.

‘We’d encourage those who think they may be eligible for support to take a look and claim what they’re entitled to – it could make an important difference to household budgets at a time when it’s needed the most.’

Check what financial help you can get from HMRC

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