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PAYE Code notices delayed

HMRC is warning employers of problems with its online PAYE service, which include failure to supply employers with this year’s P9 tax code notices, advising them of the correct code for employees for the new tax year, and instances where PAYE accounts are not showing the latest position.

In a service update, HMRC says it is aware of an issue where employers have not received the 2018 to 2019 tax code notice P9 for some employees.

HMRC has now identified the employees affected by this issue, and has sent P6 notices, which provide details for an individual, in cases where the employer did not receive a P9 notice before the start of the 2018 to 2019 tax year. As a result, employers may see an increase in P6 notices dated 11 July 2018.

Additionally, HMRC says it is aware that some PAYE accounts are not showing the latest position. It is investigating this urgently and will publish an update when the issue has been resolved.

Employers who believe that their account is incorrect and wish to check the current position, are advised to contact the employer helpline.

HMRC employer helpline is here.

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